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January, 2, 2020

Press announcement of the formation of CPBA

Food Business News


A new political advocacy organization, will lobby for legislative representation for the plant-based industry. The alliance will sponsor legislative change intended to give California consumers access to plant-based products and to provide equal ... Read More

The Beet


Fighting to get the name "milk" off of dairy-alternatives like almond milk and oat milk is just one example of a powerplay that meat and dairy special interests have initiated in the last year. Now, finally, they'll have some stiff competition... Read More



CPBA, a new political advocacy organization, was formed in Sacramento this Monday. The group will lobby to create sustainable jobs for California workers and farmers, citing California-based companies like Beyond MeatImpossible Foods ... Read More

Veg News


New lobby group launches to advance the plant-based industry in California. The CPBA will ensure that the state—home to popular companies such as Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and Miyoko’s Kitchen—will lead the way to a plant-based future. Read More

World Animal News


As the demand for plant-based options steadily grows nationwide, the need for increased market opportunity and fair legislation has become vital for consumers and businesses alike... CPBA has established itself... Read More



A new plant-based food advocacy group launched in California this week, and has its sights set on protecting the burgeoning industry’s use of terms like “milk” and “meat” along with expanding offerings in schools. Read More

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​About California Plant Based Alliance: The California Plant Based Alliance (CPBA) is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy organization founded to represent the interests and concerns of the plant-based food and products industry. Its mission is to safeguard and promote the California plant-based industry’s opportunity to succeed in the marketplace and ensure consumers have access to healthy, humane and sustainable food and product choices.