for humans,
for health
for the planet
Goals + Intentions

With an experienced and respected leadership team, CPBA is poised to positively influence legislation and regulations at the state level with an ambitious agenda for the 2021 State Legislative Session. CPBA’s 2021 actions include:


1 Supporting AB 1289, the Smart Climate Agriculture Program, which will establish a first of its kind grant program for farmers seeking to transition from animal agriculture to plant-based farming; and


2 Supporting AB 558, the Plant-based Food and Beverage Program, which incentivizes schools to serve plant-based entrees and beverages; and


3 Provide outreach and increase awareness and support for plant-based diets; and


4 Defeat regressive, anti-plant-based legislation. In addition, CPBA will support efforts at the federal level and in other states and countries to replicate CPBA’s and others' plant-based and farmed animal friendly laws and regulations.

Intended Outcomes

Intended outcomes of CPBA’s advocacy, legislative and outreach efforts include but are not limited to:


Drive legislation to promote and protect sustainability through plant-based foods and products; and


Defeat of anti-competitive, anti-plant-based commerce and manufacturing legislation; and


Increased and improved consumer access to plant-based alternatives to animal foods and products; and


Establishment of precedent for other states and countries to implement pro-plant-based foods and products laws; and


Increased public, legislature, and industry awareness of the attacks upon the plant-based industry and its consumers’ access to healthy foods and products; and


Promotion of the creation and invention of plant-based foods and products for humans and animals sensitive to or physically intolerant of animal products and byproducts; and


Promotion of improved health and the reduction of obesity, heart disease,​ diabetes, and other illnesses via a plant-based diet; and


Expansion of the humane plant-based alternatives to animal products industry for economic growth and job creation; and


Encourage cooperation between affiliated agriculture organizations to the benefit of all; and


Mitigate climate change by supporting the shift of animal farmers to plant-based agriculture.

fundraising goals

CPBA’s initial fundraising goal of $750,000 will allow the organization to launch through the 2021-2022 legislative session. Funds will primarily be allocated to lobbyists, lobbying activities, public relations and marketing, staff, governance, compliance, legal, accounting, and overhead costs.


To support or for more information please contact Sheila Creal.